Singapore Airlines Name Change

How do you deal with a misprinted/wrong name on a flight ticket? To avoid complications while traveling, you must take adequate initiative at the right hour. The flexible policy for Singapore Airlines Name Change lets you enjoy the best air travel experience with your correct name. Daling +1-855-738-4381 /+1 (833) 727-0118 puts you in direct touch with a qualified executive of Singapore Airlines. However, knowing the different aspects and conditions of this policy will help you.

Major Highlights of Singapore Airlines Name Change Policy

You must understand the following points attentively. This will allow you to deal with the issue effectively. Major highlights of Name Change are –

  • Singapore Airlines allows you to make slight changes to your name.
  • You can’t change more than three characters.
  • The minimum payable fee for the name change is 50 USD.
  • No fee is applicable against name change if you do it within the first 24 hours of the original booking.
  • Singapore Airlines Name Change Policy does not allow you to replace your first name with your surname.
  • Name change service is available online as well as offline.
  • You are required to submit some relevant documents.
  • Name changes can be made only up to the last 7 days before the scheduled departure.
  • You need to produce valid legal documents if a name change is being done due to marriage/divorce/legal name change.

However, you can contact the Singapore Passenger Help Center for more updates or if you seek instant assistance. You can dial +1-855-738-4381 /+1 (833) 727-0118 24/7 to speak to a live executive at Singapore Airlines.

What is Singapore Airlines 24 Hours Name Change?

Under the ambit of this policy, you can make corrections to your name or change your name absolutely free. However, you must keep the following points in mind for the best benefits.

  • You must change your misprinted name/make corrections within the first 24 hours of the flight booking.
  • There must be a gap of 7 days between the date of the name change process and the scheduled flight.
  • 24-hour name change policy is equally applicable to all class flight bookings.

For more details and instant technical help, get in touch with a live expert at Singapore Airlines. But, before speaking to an executive about Singapore Airlines changing Name on Ticket pay attention to the name change fees in the following section.

What are Singapore Airlines Name Correction/Change Fees?

You should know the payable fees for name change service. Keep the following two points in mind.

  • You have to pay nothing for name change or correction up to the next 24 hours of the flight booking.
  • After 24 hours of booking, you need to pay a sum of 50 USD for a minor name change on Singapore flight tickets.

Now, you must know the methods and processes of Airlines Name Correction or name change. Go through the next segment for utmost clarity.

How to Change Name on Singapore Flight Tickets?

As a reputed and traveler-friendly air carrier, Singapore Airlines lets you change your name at your convenience. You can choose any of the options given below. However, you should adhere to the steps written under each heading.

Through Singapore Airlines Official Website

  • First of all, go to
  • Next, click ‘Manage Booking.’
  • Now, fill in the itinerary details, such as the booking reference number, your full name, etc.
  • Then, ‘Edit Flight.’
  • Here, click on ‘Change Name.’
  • At last, pay the applicable fee and click on ‘Proceed.’

You will receive a confirmation message instantly from Singapore Airlines. If you don’t, contact the Singapore Airlines customer care department without any second thought.

Via Singapore Airlines Toll-Free Number

  • Start the process by dialing +1-855-738-4381 /+1 (833) 727-0118.
  • After that, listen to the automated instructions consciously.
  • Next, pick your preferred language by clicking the right button.
  • Now, a live expert from Singapore Airlines will communicate with you.
  • Here, declare your requirement i.e., Name Change.
  • Then, provide the important details like first and last name, flight booking code, etc.
  • Next, you must provide legal documents (if required).
  • Finish the process by paying the name change fees (if applicable).

You will get a confirmation email from Singapore Airlines. For further reference, you are suggested to keep a copy of your new booking throughout the journey.


Singapore Airlines is a popular and genuine airline known for caring for passengers in all circumstances. Singapore Airlines Name Change is an excellent feature that permits you to make changes to your name (if misprinted). Interestingly, frequent travelers and travel experts prefer contacting the Singapore Help Center for the latest updates about the Name Change Policy and immediate help.


How to Talk to an Expert in Singapore Airlines in my Language?

Listen to the IVR message carefully. Press the right button that qualifies your preferred language.

How do I change my name on a ticket with Singapore Airlines?

You can change your name (printed incorrectly on the ticket) easily through the Singapore Airlines website. But, to abstain from technical glitches, speak to an expert.

Can I change my name for free with Singapore Airlines?

Yes, you can change your name for free. But you need to do it within 24 hours of your flight booking.

How can I get a live person in Singapore for a Name Change?

Dial the toll-free help center number +1-855-738-4381 /+1 (833) 727-0118 and talk to a live executive at Singapore Airlines for a name change service.

Can I change my name with a non-refundable booking with Singapore Airlines?

Name Change is not applicable with non-refundable tickets. Nonetheless, you can make minor changes to your name.

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