JetBlue Name Change

JetBlue Name Change

Name correction is significant for seamless air travel. While booking flights with Jetblue you should ensure that all the information, especially the spelling of the passenger’s name, is correct. Notwithstanding, the JetBlue name change lets you enjoy the privilege of correcting a misspelled name. For quick and infallible technical assistance, please dial +1-855-738-4381 /1 (800) 538-2583 and talk to a live expert.

What is Jetblue’s Name Change Policy?

This policy entitles you to change your name on your JetBlue ticket conveniently. Sometimes, you can do it for free, while in some conditions, this service is subject to a specific fee. For specific reasons, you must produce relevant documents. Let us understand it completely.

Simple Name Change

  • Changing the spelling of the first/last name.
  • Any changes related to title.
  • Any changes related to middle name.
  • If the first and last names have been printed interchangeably.

For such reasons, you need not produce any document. You are not liable to pay to pay any kind of JetBlue name change fee.

Specific Name Change

  • By reason of divorce.
  • Due to changing surname after marriage.
  • Owing to a Legal Name Change.

Under the above circumstances, you must produce some valid documents. Furthermore, you will also have to pay some charges for JetBlue change name on ticket.

Required Documents for Name Change?

  • A copy of the legal decree of divorce.
  • A certified copy of the marriage license.
  • A legally authorized copy of the name change certificate.
  • A Government ID Card that supports both the last and the current name.

For the latest updates regarding ‘Can you change passenger name on JetBlue,’ contact Jetblue via the toll-free number +1-855-738-4381 /1 (800) 538-2583. Moreover, talking to a live professional at Jetblue is highly recommendable for quick assistance.

How to Change Name on Jetblue Ticket?

To change your name on air tickets with Jetblue Airways, you simply have to follow the steps given below.

  • Visit the official website, i.e.,
  • Then, log into your account.
  • After that, click on ‘ticket change.’
  • Then, fill in the given details, like name, ticket number, reason, etc.
  • Here, click on ‘submit.’

You will instantly receive a confirmation email on successful submission to your registered mobile number from Jetblue.

On the other hand, you can also do it by using the Jetblue Mobile app. However, if you opt for offline modes, you again have two options, i.e.

  • By visiting the Airport in person
  • By dialing the 24/7 toll-free number.

You must keep in mind that the tickets must be booked only through Jetblue platforms, i.e. –

  • Jetblue Official Website.
  • Jetblue Customer Care.
  • Jetblue Mobile App.
  • Jetblue Window at the Airport.

Speak to a Live Person for Name Change

In case you wish to use your phone to change name on your ticket, just follow the instructions given below.

  • Press either +1-855-738-4381/1 (800) 538-2583.
  • Now, abide by the automated instructions.
  • Then, pick a language of your choice by pressing the right button.
  • Quickly, a live executive from Jetblue will welcome you from the other end.
  • Here, you have to put up your matter about JetBlue name change.
  • After that, the agent will request you to provide some details of the journey.
  • Provide him/her with all the relevant details adequately.
  • Complete the process by paying the difference in airfare (if any).

A confirmation message will be sent to your registered Email/mobile within a while. However, you should take the printout of the new tickets for further reference.

What is the Jetblue Name Change Fee?

The fees for a change on a Jetblue ticket are conditional. Basically, it depends upon the distance and ticket type.

  • USD 100 for flights flying to the U.S., Mexico, the Caribbean, and Central America.
  • USD 200 for flights flying to other than the  U.S., Mexico, and the Caribbean, and Central America.
  • Travelers with Blue, Blue Extra, Blue Plus, Blue Refundable, Blue Extra Refundable, Blue Plus Refundable, Mint, and Mint Refundable are liable to pay only the fare differences.
  • For offline services, you will have to pay USD 50 or more as service fees based on the type of fare in addition to other charges.

In case you need more information, speak to a live professional at Jetblue Airlines. The 24/7 toll-free number helps you talk to an accomplished agent in your preferred language.

Closing Words

Jetblue is an efficient and renowned airline globally known for caring for passengers at all stages. JetBlue name change is a specialized service that allows you to amend your name (in case of misprinting) conveniently. Nevertheless, regular travelers and air travel experts suggest dialing the toll-free number for the latest updates about Jetblue’s Name Change Policy.


Can I Change my name for free on Jetblue flight tickets?

Yes! You can change your name for free, but only for general reasons.

How to get a live person at Jetblue for a Name Change?

Dial the 24/7 helpdesk number +1-855-738-4381 /1 (800) 538-2583 to speak to a live human at Jetblue for a name change.

Is it fine if I Change my name on my own?

Why not! You can change your name on your own by logging in to the official website.

How do I change my name if flights were booked before marriage?

You need to produce a legal marriage certificate to change your title on a Jetblue flight ticket.

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