Virgin Atlantic Cancellation Policy

Virgin Atlantic Cancellation Policy : Every Single Details including Fees

Virgin Atlantic, holding a 5-star Global Airline Rating, is a renowned British Airline serving 3 domestic and 29 international destinations in 17 countries. Many times things, all of a sudden, may get out of your grip and you can’t do anything about it, sometimes even our planned trips get affected drastically. In such baffling and arduous circumstances, knowing the latest Virgin Atlantic Cancellation Policy can bring you a great sigh of relief. Reading this post will help you to deal competently when you need to cancel your flights with Virgin Atlantic.

General Guidelines for Cancellation Policy with Virgin Atlantic

Before going ahead with the specialized cancellation policies, cancellation fees, and options to cancel Virgin flights you must know the general guidelines. This will help you understand the other things easily.

  • According to Virgin Atlantic Cancellation policy, the airline allows you to cancel your reservations within the first 24 hours of the original booking to provide you with a full refund and zero cancellation charge.
  • In case you need to cancel your flights after the 24-hours risk-free time frame, you will be liable to pay the cancellation fee to get a refund.
  • The refundable amount will be paid only for the unused chunk of the flight tickets.
  • The cancellation charge varies on the basis of the booking details, fare type, time of cancellations, etc.
  • To cancel the flight tickets with Virgin Atlantic you need to pay a minimum fee of $50.

However, there are some specialized rules, such as a 24-hours cancellation policy. So, let us explore it in the following segment.

24-hour Cancellation Policy Highlights with Virgin Airlines

This is an excellent option that lets you cancel your bookings with Virgin Atlantic Airlines without any deductions. Moreover, you need not be liable to pay any cancellation fee for this as well. Interestingly, it allows you to obtain a full refund as this 24-hour period is known as a ‘Risk-Free’ time frame.

  • You need to cancel your Virgin Atlantic Airlines Flights right within the first 24 hours of the original booking.
  • There should be a minimum gap of 7 days from the date of cancellation and the scheduled date of departure.
  • Bookings only made for Canada and the United States are eligible for a 24-hour cancellation policy with Virgin Atlantic Airlines.
  • The refundable amount is credited directly to your account within 21 days from the date of cancellation.

So, you need to be conscious while canceling your Virgin Atlantic Flights within 24 hours of booking. You can qualify for a full refund benefit only if you fulfill all the conditions.

General Cancellation Charges with Virgin Airlines

The Virgin Atlantic Cancellation Policy cost efficient & customer-friendly. However, you should keep the following fee details for cancellation in mind for utmost clarity.

  • You need to pay $36 for Virgin Atlantic Airlines flights originating in the United Kingdom.
  • You need to pay $50 for Virgin Atlantic Airlines flights originating in the United States.
  • You need to pay $50 for Virgin Atlantic Airlines flights originating in other regions.

Refundable and Non-Refundable Tickets with Virgin Atlantic Airlines

There are basically two types of tickets with Virgin Atlantic Airlines i.e. Refundable and Non-Refundable. Therefore, in terms of cancellation policy, you must know the following points in different sections.

Refundable Tickets

  • If you book a flight with a refundable ticket and are bound to cancel it, you are eligible for a full refund including taxes and different fees.
  • If you have got a refundable air ticket with Virgin Atlantic Airlines, but used only half portion of the ticket i.e. you just traveled for a single side. In this scenario, you are eligible to seek a refund for the unused portion of the booking. No administration fee shall be deducted and you will get the full refund.
  • Discounted Bookings are generally non-refundable or partly refundable tickets. So, before booking obtain exact information about your preferred ticket by calling the Virgin Atlantic Airline’s Passenger Help Desk Center.

Non-Refundable Tickets

  • In case you purchase a non-refundable ticket, you ought to opt for travel insurance. It will bring you good benefits if you go for cancellation.
  • If you have a completely unused non-refundable ticket with Virgin Airlines, you are eligible for a refund of fees, taxes, and other charges.
  • If you have got non-refundable tickets, Virgin Atlantic deducts an administration charge of £30/passenger and £3/infant from the refundable amount.
  • Virgin Atlantic doesn’t deduct an administration fee while refunding for non-refundable air tickets in case of sudden death or illness of a passenger/a close relative of the traveler or a co-traveler of the passenger.
  • However, you need to produce valid proof in favor of an unavoidable/unpredictable situation. Virgin Atlantic Airlines will allow you to rebook another flight on a different date or to a different destination. But, the difference in fare will be payable.

How to Cancel Flights with Virgin Airlines?

There are several methods to cancel your booking with Virgin Atlantic Airlines. However, calling the Passenger Help Desk Center’s 24/7 Toll-Free number is highly preferred by most of the passengers. It lets you contact directly to a live executive. So, let us explore the steps to get in touch with a human at Virgin Atlantic Airlines for Flight Cancellation.

  • Dial the Virgin Atlantic Airline’s Toll-Free Number i.e. 1 (800) 862-8621.
  • Then, you have simply to listen to the automated IVR instructions carefully.
  • You also have to click the right button using the dialing pad after each option.
  • Now, your call will be assigned to an authorized Virgin Airlines executive.
  • After that, An executive will greet you warmly and will ask about your concern.
  • Speak up softly and describe your matter in a clear voice.
  • Lastly, You must keep your necessary documents and relevant details handy.
  • Now, the executive will ask for some essential details.
  • Provide him/her with all the information comfortably.
  • Pay the fees online (if required).

Within seconds you will receive a confirmation email or message from Virgin Airlines. Now, you can request the executive to apply the online refund form (if you want and if your booking qualifies for it) on your behalf.

Virgin Atlantic FAQs

Is there any option to cancel Virgin Airlines flights online?

Definitely YES! You can cancel flights online through Virgin Atlantic Airlines Official Website and Virgin Airlines Mobile App.

Can I Cancel My Virgin Atlantic Flights for Free?

Of Course! According to Virgin Atlantic Cancellation Policy, you can cancel your bookings without any charges or deductions for the next 24 hours from the time of original booking.

Can I Get a Refund for Canceling a Non-Refundable Ticket?

Why NOT! Virgin Atlantic Cancellation Policy allows you to get a refund by canceling a non-refundable ticket. However, you should speak to a live executive at Virgin Atlantic Airlines for more clarity and instant assistance.

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