American Airlines Name Change

American Airlines Name Change

Have you ever booked a flight with a misspelled name on the ticket? If Yes! You should know that traveling with such a wrong name on an air ticket can put you in extreme complications. Don’t worry….! American Airlines Name Change is the perfect gateway to deal with this issue proficiently. You can contact an authorized expert at AA by dialing +1-855-738-4381/ 1 (800) 433-7300 for immediate assistance. However, going through this post will help you know this policy exceedingly.

What is American Airlines Name Change Policy?

This is a specialized service that lets passengers deal conveniently with American Airlines change name. It’s absolutely conditional whether you do it for free or by paying a specific charge. So, let us understand this unique policy thoroughly.

Name change service is accessible up to 24 hours before the scheduled flight.

Non-refundable tickets are not eligible for name change benefits.

Minor corrections in the passenger’s name are absolutely free. for instance, –

  • Changing the spelling of the first/last name.
  • Any changes related to title.
  • Any changes related to middle name.
  • If the first and last names have been printed interchangeably.

In specific name change cases, you will have to provide some supportive document, for instance, –

  • In case of a divorce.
  • If the surname changes after marriage.
  • In case you have made a Legal Name Change.

For specific name change cases, you will have to pay the Name Change Fee.

For more details, speak to a live expert via Live chat or the AA Customer Care helpline number +1-855-738-4381/ 1 (800) 433-7300.

What Documents are needed for American Name Change?

If you have to amend your name under the ambit of a specific name change, you need to produce some valid documents. For Change Name on Ticket you should have the following documents.

  • A copy of the legal decree of divorce.
  • A certified copy of the marriage license.
  • A legally authorized copy of the name change certificate.
  • A Government ID Card that supports both the last and the current name.

For the latest updates on name change, contact American Airlines through the 24/7 helpline number +1-855-738-4381/ 1 (800) 433-7300. Furthermore, for quick assistance, speak to an authorized professional at American Airlines.

What is the American Airlines Name Change Fee?

The charges for name change services on an AA ticket are conditional. Primarily, it depends upon the distance. Minor corrections in the name do not incur any fees, but for a major name change, you are required to pay –

  • For domestic flights with American Airlines Name Change fee is USD 200.
  • For international flights, the name change fee is USD 700.

However, you should get in touch with an agent at AA to know the latest revised fee structure for name change services.

How to Change Name on American Airlines Ticket?

You just need to follow the steps given below for changing your name on air tickets with American Airlines.

  • Visit the official website, i.e.,
  • Then, log into your account.
  • After that, click on ‘My Trips.’
  • Then, fill in the given details, like first and last name, booking code, reason, etc.
  • Select the flight that you have to amend your name with.
  • Edit your name as required.
  • If applicable, pay the Name Change Fee online.
  • Here, click on ‘submit.’

You will obtain a confirmation email on successful submission from American Airlines.

Simultaneously, you can do it easily by dint of the AA Mobile app. Interestingly, on choosing the offline mode, you will find two options, i.e.

  • Visiting the AA Counter at the Airport in person
  • Talking to an expert via the 24/7 toll-free number.

You must note that the tickets, for name change/correction services, must be booked only through American Airlines platforms, i.e. –

  • American Airlines Official Website.
  • American Airlines Customer Care.
  • American Airlines Mobile App.
  • American Airlines Counter at the Airport.

How to Speak to a Person for American Airlines Change Name Service?

You can also utilise your phone for American Airlines change name on ticket,  follow the steps given below.

  • Primarily, you have to dial +1-855-738-4381/ 1 (800) 433-7300.
  • After that, abide by the IVR instructions.
  • Now, press the most suitable button to select a language of your choice.
  • Then, a live person from AA will welcome you from the other end of the call.
  • Next, reveal your issue regarding name change.
  • Now, the expert will ask you for some details like first and last name, booking code, etc.
  • You have to explain all the relevant details accurately.
  • Summarize the process by paying the fees (if required).

A confirmation message/mail will be sent to you within moments. Notwithstanding, keeping the printout of the new air tickets for further reference is highly preferred by air travel experts.


American Airlines is a renowned and competent airline popularly known for caring for passengers in all circumstances. American Airlines Name Change is a specialized service that lets you hassle-free amendments in your name (in case of misprinting). Noticeably, travelers who travel frequently by AA and air travel experts prefer dialing the Customer care number for the latest updates about American Airlines Policy and prompt assistance.

FAQs –

How Can I Talk to an Executive at AA if I Don’t know English?

Choose your preferred language by pressing the most appropriate button. For every language, the IVR message will tell you a number.

Can I change the passenger name on an airline ticket American Airlines?

Yes, you can change your misspelled name easily through the AA website. But, to avoid technical glitches, passengers prefer to get in touch with an expert.

How to find a live person at AA for Name Change?

Dial the 24/7 help desk number +1-855-738-4381/ 1 (800) 433-7300 to speak to a live human at American Airlines for a name change service.

Can I change my name with a non-refundable booking with American Airlines?

Name Change Service is not applicable with non-refundable tickets. But, you can minor corrections to your name.

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