American Airlines Senior Citizen Discount

american airlines senior discounts

If you are a senior citizen and you want to travel the world and you are looking for ways through which you can travel on a budget then you have come to the right place. The American airlines senior discount gives you around 10-20% of the discount on your air travel booking with them. You will get a lot of perks with the discount too as the airline takes full care of their customers.

What is the American airline Senior Citizen discount?

The American airline senior discount is a discount that can be availed by senior citizens who are more than the age of 65 years old and with this discount they can save upto 10-20% of their savings so it is beneficial for them and they can use that money for more important stuff.

The American airline senior citizen discount is not available on the early eagle and connecting flights. It is only available on the direct flights and they are always valid so don’t worry they will never expire, you can book your tickets with the senior discount and you will get it every time.

Lets know about American Airlines in short.

American Airlines is ranked as the world’s largest airline and it is based in the USA and is headquartered in the city of fort worth and it is well known to provide what their customer needs.

American airline lets you save a lot of money when it comes to traveling in your budget and traveling on budget doesn’t mean that you have to compromise on comfort. The service and the facilities that the airline provides is one of the best in-flight entertainment and makes sure that their customers are always satisfied and happy with the service.

How Much Discount You Can Avail?

If you are thinking of booking a flight with the American airline senior discount then you must be wondering how much i can save from the discounts and the promo codes, well there is not a fixed amount but you will save upto 20% of your travel expenses that in the matter of fact is a lot.

But if you book your flight through American Airlines then you will always get 10% on all of your bookings. For example if your ticket costs $500 then you will automatically save 50$. So don’t wait up and take the benefit to book your flights.

What is the certain age for the eligibility of the senior citizen discount?

The certain age to fit in eligibility criteria of senior citizen discount of the American Airlines is 65 years old. If you pass this criteria you will be able to save a lot of money while booking your flights.

What is the American Airlines phone number?

If you are thinking of getting in contact with the American Airlines regarding gaining some more information about the senior citizen discount then the most easy and convenient way to reach out to them is through their customer service number 509-2996-6000/ +1-855-738-4381.

The customer service of American Airlines does a commendable job when it comes to treating their customers right and providing them with whatever they need at their earliest convenience. And you can give them a call at any time because they are available 24/7.

How to avail the senior citizen discount on American Airlines?

Now that you have all the info about how can you avail the discount via the senior citizen discount you must be wondering that how can you avail all of these discounts then don’t worry about anything because we have got it covered and we have broke down and mentioned the whole process for you below so you can take full advantage of the thing that is given to you.

  • Go to the official website of the American Airlines
  • Login and enter your correct credentials.
  • Now go to the advance search tab and open it
  • There you will find an option of the senior citizen discount
  • After that you can begin searching for your AA flight.
  • Then choose the most suitable option for you and select your flights.

Some points to keep in mind if you want to save money while traveling with an American airline:

  • Aside from the senior citizen discount you can save your money through a lot of options too.
  • You can book red eye flights, they are usually cheap and only depart during the night time.
  • You can also make your bookings in advance upto 6 months that will save you a ton of money.
  • The best thing you can do is book your flights in the off season, because the prices are very low.

This is all the information that is necessary for you to know but if you are still facing any sorts of issues then you can directly head up to their official website or if you are facing any issues then you can directly reach out to the customer service of American Airlines on –

For more info, visit –

Frequently Asked Questions

Q-1 how to call the customer service of the American airline?

You can give them a call on -509-2996-6000/ +1-855-738-4381.

Q-2 How much discount will you get with the help of the senior citizen discount of the American Airlines?

You get upto 10-20% discount on your ticket if you apply for the senior citizen discount.

Q-3 What is the age criteria to avail the senior citizen discount?

The age to avail the benefits of the senior citizen is 65 years old.

Q-4 What is the frequent flier name of American Airlines?

The name of the frequent flier programme of American Airlines is AAdvantage.

Q-5 How to contact American Airlines online?

You can contact them on their official website through  the chat box option.

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